The Eritmo Salsa Jazz Band

Thursday and friday performance.jpg

Introducing our resident Latino band, The Eritmo Salsa Jazz band! They'll be entertaining you every Thursday and Friday evenings moving forward!

About the band.

The Elritmo salsa jazz band have for the past eight years been performing live at places such as Buena Vista, Jades, Poplars and Grand West Casino. Well traveled and also having performed abroad a number of times their genre of music is sure to have you dancing the night away to their popular jazzy tunes.

Another one of their fortes is old school RNB, so if you looking for a timeless old boogy then Nom Nom is the place to be on either a Thursday or Friday evening after 7pm.

The band members are Warick Hawkins (Bass), Chandre Caledon & Gavin Fry ( vocals) and Marvin Hawkins ( sound engineer/ DJ).

We look forward to having the band join the Nom Nom family and cannot wait to see what they have in store!

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